​Electronic cigarettes in school

Speech Topic: ​Electronic cigarettes in school .

General Purpose: ​By showcasing the problem and solution, then I will discuss the solutions as to how we can stop this problem or at least decrease it.

There is no specific word count or page length for this assignment. Instead, you should be certain that your answers to each question are complete and fully explain your arguments. You likely wouldn’t need more than a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) for each question.

1. Who is your target audience?​ Remember that your target audience should be the person/group who has the power to implement the plan you are proposing.

2. What is the status quo, and why are things the way they are now?​ The status quo is “the way things are done now,” or the “policy currently in place.” Explain what the status quo of your topic in your community right now. Why is it this way? What barriers (sometimes referred to as “inherent barriers”) are keeping people in the community from making a change? Think specifically about attitudes and logistics here. Those are usually the two categories of barriers keeping the status quo in place.

3. What harms, or problems, is the status quo creating in your community?​ Remember that you will need to prove these harms are either (1) significant to many people in the community, or (2) particularly significant problems for a few people in the community.

4. What solution are you proposing?​ Explain the plan you’ve come up with to fix the harms (problems) you just explained.

5. How can you prove that your solution will solve these harms? What argument(s) will you make to prove that your plan will address the harms? What supporting material do you plan to use to prove this? You don’t need to have exact sources yet (though you could). All we’re looking for here is your plan for making this


6. How can you prove that your solution will work?​ You may have a fantastic solution that would produce amazing results, but is it feasible? How will you prove that your community can in fact put it into place? Afford it? Run it? Get support for it? Essentially, explain how you’ll convince your target audience that this isn’t just a daydream, but a realistic option.

7. What advantages will arise from your plan?​ You’ve already proven that your plan will solve the harms you brought up earlier, but what ​other ​advantages are likely to arise from your plan? Explain at least one other good reason why your target audience should adopt your plan.

8. What call to action will you leave your audience with?​ You’ve already explained the solution (aka your “grand plan”), but what do you want them to do today, now? What step are you asking them to take to begin making your plan a reality. (Keep in mind that this will go at the very end of your speech, so be thinking about your conclusion here.)