1 amp 2 different docs with apa please references and citations 300 400 words each

1)What is the business value of a networked, connected world? What challenges can managing a large network present?

2)ach student is to choose one (1) Course Learning Outcome (CLO) listed in the course syllabus. Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, JSTOR.org, the Internet, or any other electronic journal database, research a peer-reviewed article that applies to the CLO you selected AND facilitates answering part of your upcoming CLA1 assignment.

Subsequently, you will include in your CLA1 assignment paper, a separate and distinct heading titled “Personalized CLO Applied Learning Assignment”. Under this heading, you will provide a minimum of two (2) paragraphs that should contain the following information and/or details:

● State the CLO(s) selected

● Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose

● Discuss how the article and/or author(s) support your argument(s)

● Provide the most important aspects of the article as it directly related to your identified CLO(s)

● Include the industry example demonstrating the application of your researched article

● Include your findings and conclusions

● Approximately 250 to 350 words in length (minimum of 2 paragraphs)

Include the reference in APA format to properly reference your article

Please be sure to provide justification by citing the article researched (in-text citations), Include the reference on the References page of your paper.