itmg481 assignment

attached is the assignment, just have to answer the questions. you may use the internet for reference or if a reference is needed the book is “Ethics & Technology” by Herman T. Tavani 4th edition.

finance accounting 7

use source attached instructions, must be good in excel spreadsheet

use source attached instructions, must be good in excel spreadsheet 700-1000 wrds

e business assignment number 2

Write short essay on E-Business Revenue Models used by companies in K.S.A. Your answer must be not less than 100 words having the following contents:

  • Introduction to the concept of E-Business Revenue Model,
  • Types of E-Business Revenue Model and
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Business Revenue Model
  • read the file and all the instruction before you start

discussion question 1765

I need the qudestion below answer in 300 words please provide the reference also.


Provide a general description of the organization you are/were employed or affiliated with; what are its problems and what changes do you believe are needed? You must proceed with the organization you choose. DO NOT CHANGE IT!

summary of passage in the bible 1 kings chapters 11 14 1

This paper is about the kingdom split and needs to be 400-700 words long, double-spaced, with complete bibliographic documentation meeting the following requirements:

  1. Part One: Write one paragraph on the biblical book the passage is from in which you give an introduction to the ENTIRE book of 1 Kings as a whole. What do you need to know about the book to understand it? For example: what period of Israel’s history it describes, what is the overall story, theme, content of the book, etc. Use at least 1-2 source
  2. Part Two: Write 5 observations you make from the assigned text from the book which is Kings Chapters 11. This is your reaction to the book using the following guidelines. What do you think about the assigned biblical text? What do you see in the assigned biblical text? Please format these either in a numbered list or bullet points. Each observation must be 4-5 sentences in which you discuss the content of the text. Don’t “theologize” or try to describe what it means for us today. Just look at what is written on the page and make observations. A good rule of thumb is to write about the text in the third person.

The second part of the paper is your reaction to the assigned text in several paragraphs. Pay attention to the genre of your chosen text and choose the right questions from below to help you frame your thoughts. You do not have to answer all of the questions but use them as a guide for digging into the text. You will need to give proof that you read the entire assigned text and not just comment on the first few verses

  1. Grading Rubric:
    • Research/Introductory Material on Biblical Book: 15 points
    • Reaction to Assigned OT Text: 30 points
    • Grammar, Style, Citation: 5 points
    • Total: 50 points

econ questions 25

Below are discussion questions for Week 4 and they are all related to Chapters 6 & 7 on Unemployment and Inflation. Here are the questions:

1. Out of the FOUR key types of unemployment, (i) which one can be controlled through government policies or actions? (ii) What exactly should the government do to reduce this type of unemployment?

2. What are the main causes of cyclical unemployment and its relationship with the business cycle.

3. If CPI in year 1 is 170 and CPI in year 2 is 185, calculate the rate of inflation using the formula shown on page 170 in the textbook.

4. Comment on the following statement: Individuals who are “underemployed” are no longer counted as in the labor force. True or false and be sure to justify your answers.

5. (i) Define discouraged workers and (ii) indicate reasons as to why someone who might be classified as a discouraged worker.

6. What are the two types of inflation?

7. Out of the two types of inflation, which is the one that would cause a stagflation and how?

This is a 21-point assignment so be sure to be as detail and thorough as you can. And you must place a “number” in front of your answers that correspond to each of the question; failure to do so will result in points being deducted.

I am also reading from the book Principles of Macroeconomics by H.Singh , Tim Sweeney, and Jeff Gray

newspaper article assignment 1

Bio 115 Newspaper Article Assignments 1’t assignment +2d assignment – 100 points ( one exam 1st article- given on the next page (“assigned”) 2nd article – you find in newspaper or news on-line (No scientific journals) the article must be o n a nutrition topic and MUST refer to a study done Before you work on the article you choose, work on the assigned article Write a summary of the article in YOUR OWN words.

*******For QUESTION 2), please use the pdf of the textbook for reference!!

Use the article in the files.

******Please download the e-book of the textbook. It’s in a pdf file that you will need for this assignment. ******

personal finance management application research paper

Need for finance management apps

Irrespective of their salary, every person needs a way of managing his/her finances to keep a track of spending and plan savings or investments. On an average, everyone has at least 3 credit cards, in addition to bank accounts. As the number of accounts and credit cards increases, it makes tracking and managing expenses across multiple accounts all that harder. Personal finance management apps step in to address this need for users to consolidate all their accounts in one place to make spend tracking much easier. These apps aim at reducing the tediousness of manually sifting through all transactions by linking accounts to the app and allow it to do the heavy work for us.

Suggested Application name: “Finance Bell”

Gap in the market & Competitive advantage

Finance Bell provides financial management capabilities, which would enable people to enter their credit card information so that our application can scan the spending across different areas. Our application is unique in the sense that it can allow customers to consolidate all their credit card spending in one place. The tool helps people save some money also with relevant ads and targeted offers. People will get reminders about their upcoming credit card payment due dates so that they do not miss a payment. The initial revenues will come from credit card companies that advertise on our website about their products and services. When people signup for specific credit cards, we would also get a commission on every signup. The existing gap that our tool is addressing is that it is consolidating all the transactional data in one place. We can add the whole family’s card details to scan the entire family finance. Other companies that offer the same service do not show targeted ads or offers. So, their offers are either a hit or a miss.

  • Abstract page
  • Obtaining funds
  • Timeframe to launch
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Other support IT to get the systems up and running (networking, database, etc…)
  • People
  • Equipment
  • Office Space

discussion assignment and comment to two other students discussions

This discussion assignment focuses on Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt as presidents. You are to read Chapters 10 and 11 in the text, read the lectures on Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and watch the videos on these presidents.

You are then to write a description of your presidency as becoming either Theodore Roosevelt OR Franklin Roosevelt. You are going to show how Theodore Roosevelt created the modern office of the presidency through his domestic and foreign policy and Franklin Roosevelt created our modern system of government through his New Deal programs of relief, recovery and reform.

Finally you are going to tell which of these two presidents would be rated higher in your opinion and why. And agree or disagree with TWO students with their opinions here. Good luck on this fifth discussion assignment

The text book :

I already upload the lectures here !

The videos :

1st video

2nd video

3rd video

4th video