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i have an assignment in logistics management can u help

Learning Outcome:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of how global competitive environments are changing supply chain management and logistics practice.

2. Apply essential elements of core logistic and supply chain management principles.

3. Analyze and identify challenges and issues pertaining to logistical processes.

Assignment Workload:

This assignment is an individual assignment.

Critical Thinking

In today’s highly competitive, extremely variable and really dynamic environment, many firms are seeking solutions. Supplychainmanagementbecomesmore sophisticatedandthedifferencebetweenwhat firmswanttoachieveandwhattheycandoin-house continues to grow, firms begin to realize that doing the right thing becomes more interesting than doing everything.Accordingly, they are becoming better focused and more specialized by outsourcing and offshoring activities that are far from their core businesses. In many cases firms decide to outsource this function in whole or in part to agents or third party logistics firms.

Using this concept of offshoring and outsourcing answer the following questions by taking any Saudi Local company or any Multinational company.


  • What are Third party logistics firms?
  • Explain the motivational factors for going internationally?
  • On what ground companies choose developing countries location for offshoring? Use examples. (Mention the country and decisive factors)
  • Assess the reasons for using third party logistics service in Saudi Arabia? Using examples, Explain

The Answer should be 3- 4 pages in length including the cover page and reference.

The Answer must follow the Key word/ outline points below:

  • Outsourcing ,offshoring ,Third Party logistics
  • Their Main functions
  • Motivational Factors /Drivers
  • Any local example
  • Reasons with suitable Examples
  • Reference

Note: You can support your answer by reading chapter 4 of your book.

You can use secondary source available on internet. Please use APA-style referencing.

Answer 1.

Answer 2.

Answer 3.

Answer 4.


sphe379 comprehensive sports business research network assignment 1

The Sports Business Research Network ( is a market research and publications database that lists and provides information on sports organizations, teams, corporate sponsors, sports agents, marketing and event management agencies, and media companies around the world. The APUS Online Library has a subscription of this directory. If you have trouble accessing SBRnet, feel free to click the APUS Library button on the left-hand menu>Contact Us for assistance.

Part I: Using topics, readings, and discussions from the class and this SBRnet source, assemble your viewpoint on a local, national, and global issue in sport based on both your personal observations and articles from the SBRnet. The issue may be the same topic at the local, national, and global level, or you could choose a different topic for your local area, nation, and globe.

Part II: Look up at least one article for the local, the national, and the global issue in the SBRnet that aligns with topics from the class and assemble the observation with information you find in the SBRnet. Provide a brief description of each of the three issues. The local, national, and global topic should each be described with a minimum of 200 words for a total of 600 words or more.

Use the Sports Business Research Network in the APUS Online Library.

Don’t forget to cite your sources in APA format and attach your assignment as a Word document.

discussion 1 2 amp 3

Discussion 1 (Chapter 5): What is the relationship between Naïve Bayes and Bayesian networks? What is the process of developing a Bayesian networks model?

Your response should be 500 words and add at-least 3 references. Please send separate document with discussion numbers. Please refer below attached chapter 5 link

Discussion 2 (Chapter 6): List and briefly describe the nine-step process in con-ducting a neural network project.

Your response should be 500 words and add at-least 3 references. Please send separate document with discussion numbers. Please refer below attached chapter 6 link

Discussion 3 (Chapter 10): There have been many books and opinion pieces writ-ten about the impact of AI on jobs and ideas for societal responses to address the issues. Two ideas were mentioned in the chapter – UBI and SIS. What are the pros and cons of these ideas? How would these be implemented?

Your response should be 500 words and add at-least 3 references. Please send separate document with discussion numbers .

Assignment: 1

Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:

Chapter 5 –discussion question #1-4 & exercise 6 & internet exercise #7

Chapter 6– discussion question #1-5 & exercise 4

When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least two APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the work this week.

All work must be original (not copied from any source).

Your response should be 1000 words and add at-least 3 references. Please send me the separate document with assignment number .

Chapter 5 Link

Chapter 6 Link

cj3600 emergency planning resources emergency management


For this discussion you will review the four phases of emergency planning. With all the details and issues you have learned and presented over the past few weeks, this week we are asking you to zero in on a top priority for each phase and describe how you would evaluate them. Planning is necessary, but to ensure that planning is moving in the most effective direction, critical assessment and evaluation of your own and others’ ideas is required if your planning is to be successful. As you watched the video in this unit’s studies, Principles of Emergency Management: Planning and Coordination, you may have noticed that all the comments were filtered through the individual’s needs and point of view. An emergency manager has a big job with many relationships to manage!


For your main post:

  1. Propose a potential critical incident scenario for which you might be doing the emergency planning.
  2. Point out the top priority issue that you feel is necessary for planning for this emergency in each one of the four phases.
  3. Explain how you would evaluate each of your priorities.
  4. Describe the criteria you would use to be assured that the priorities you have chosen for each phase truly are important, effective priorities.

option 2 stock or bond the investor perspective ct5

Investors who buy stock (equity) are owners in a company, investors who buy bonds (debt) are creditors of a company. Using the information and terminology in this module and research you complete on your own, determine the pros and cons for an investor to buy bonds and stocks. Assess the following components:

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Potential for Earnings
  • Risk
  • Access to funds
  • Tax implications


global citizen assignment 1

I have done part one it is in the attachment, however, I need to finish part two and part three in 2 separate word document.

Part two: At this point you will have researched your UN Sustainability goal and have read about at least one company (Your exemplar Company) that is doing something to try and achieve that goal. Now you need to think about how you are going to help your case company start moving toward the goal. Based on your research what things can your case company do to move toward achieving the US Sustainability goal.

The deliverable for this section would be an outline of your final report. Provide an outline of the report that has brief descriptions of each section you will have for the final report. The purpose of this outline is to ensure that you are on track to have the project completed.

You want this to be as polished as possible. So include a title page, a table of contents, page numbers, and references.

Please see the sample paper for part 2 in the attachment. Please note that this is only a sample. You do not have to use the headings, you can use your own. The more original your work, the better.

Part three: Final Product is to be a 6 page paper on your recommendations for your Case Company. This could be no shorter than 6 pages but cannot exceed 7 pages. The page count does not include title page, table of contents, references or appendices. .

This is to be a report on the goal, its importance, why the company should care and how this company can move toward making a difference in this area. Think of yourself as a consultant hired to help the company meet the chosen goal. You will need to make a case as to why they need to change and how they can change.

In this type of report, you want to give the organization options. Usually a report would have three potential courses of action that vary in scale, complexity and cost. Think of it as a small budget change (little disruption), a moderately budget change (moderately disruptive) and a large budget change (disruptive).

Once you have given the options, you then choose the one that you think is best suited for the company at this time.

mgt422 assigenment 2 solving

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MGT422 – Business Ethics and Organization

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health 1

Write a paper describing the nine steps of developing a program evaluation and describe how it will relate to the health plan that you will create. The paper should be 3-4 pages in length and cited in APA format.

short response assignment see below

What is air pollution? Here is the definition according to the World Health Organization:

Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities and forest fires are common sources of air pollution. Pollutants of major public health concern include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Outdoor and indoor air pollution cause respiratory and other diseases, which can be fatal. (

Please read about air pollutants on the following page:

To turn in the assignment, reply to this discussion. Please respond to the following prompts about your reading/viewing experience:

1. In your own words, write a short summary (a few sentences) of ONE of the reading(s)/video(s).

2. Describe the MOST important thing you learned about air pollution that you did not know before. If you did not learn anything new, pick ONE thing that made the biggest impression to you. Describe it in a few sentences.

3. What questions or problems do you still have ? How well would you say you the reading/video?