4 slide power point presentation

Research Paper topic: Risks and Benefits Associated with Advance Mobile Banking Technology

Students should prepare a powerpoint presentation containing 4 slides using the template provided on moodle. The first slide should present the title of the research project and the student details. The second slide should give relevant background for the research project. The third slide should outline the aims and research questions. The fourth slide should contain an overview of the methodology. Students will have 4 minutes for the presentation and are advised to spend 1 minute on each of the 3 main slides (slide 2, 3 & 4). The remaining minute may be used for further elaboration, introductory statements or summing up. Students should consult the presentation template for detailed guidance on the content and formatting for the slides. The presentations will take place during class time over a two week period and the schedule is available on moodle as an excel spreadsheet. All students must submit their slides at the same time (please see deadline for CA1) regardless of whether they are scheduled to present on the first day or the last day.

Here is attached a template for the ppt.