about the female genital mutilation being a negative tradition

pleas write a persuasive research paper 5-7 pages about the female genital mutilation being a negative tradition 

please read attached to get an idea about the research and read the comments about it 


Female Genital mutilation is a traditional process in some cultures, of partially or totally removing the external genitalia of girls and women for a nonmedical reason. This is done in places in Africa, Asia, and even in the Middle East. This genital mutilation is done in favor of family rituals, but is dangerous to the female herself.

I wanted to do my paper on FGM because as a women, I believe that I should understand what are the types of rituals or health issues other women around the world have to go through because of traditional and cultural ideas. In the US, this is illegal and I want to understand how the women are being affected physically and mentally because of this. As a women, I want to ng cultural norms. know the families point of views on how they believe this is beneficial to their females. Learning and understanding more about FGM would give an insight to the cultures that perform this action.


· Both physically and mentally are partially determined socially….you have to include the cultural and social component, or this wouldn’t be an appropriate topic.