address the foundational course objective that focuses upon the role of and challenges facing the private sector in securing the homeland.

Assignment Instructions

This assignment consists of producing a 4-5 page college level research paper to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives.  


For this assignment, we will address the foundational course objective that focuses upon the role of and challenges facing the private sector in securing the homeland. Specifically, you will write this paper from the perspective of a private sector business/organization within a critical infrastructure sector (not the sector itself). You are to write this research paper as if you are the director of security and preparedness (continuity of operation) for a company within your chosen critical infrastructure sector and let the CEO or COO know where your business stands in relation to working with the government sector, where improvements can be made, and what are the potential implications if public-private interaction is not improved. In your paper you will be expected to incorporating all of the topics we have covered thus far in class (i.e. critical infrastructure, continuity of operations planning, partnerships, information sharing, challenges, etc.). Note: Pick a real business in your chosen sector, or make up a fictional one. The point is to just put yourself in the ‘shoes’ (perspective) of the private sector and look at how they view the government sector in these topics we have been discussing in the course.

You are expected to utilize the material that has been provided to you thus far, as well as other applicable scholarly material discovered during your research. In addition to your assigned readings, you have again been provided with the individual Sector Specific Plans (below). These can be utilized to incorporate pertinent information concerning your chosen sector. A minimum of 2 academically acceptable sources per page are to be utilized (at least 8 for this paper). Assignments will be submitted for review through Turnitin and will be graded in accordance with the writing assignment grading rubric. A report that uses a disproportionate amount of outside material, an excessive amount of direct quotes (more than 10%), or if resource material is not adequately cited may result in points being deducted from your score. 

Sector Specific Plans

Chemical, Commercial Facilities, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Dams, Energy, Financials Services, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare and Public Health, Information Technology, Transportation Systems, Water Systems.

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