amrican history 2

Since we have not really had the chance to talk about women’s rights on the discussion board, let’s use the 1920s to do that. Chose one of the Discussion prompts below and post an answer of at least 300 words. If you would like extra credit, answer both prompts in at least 600 words.

(1) Go back into the lecture/readings on the 1920s and identify three different ways that the roles of women changed in the 1920s. For each of the three things you chose, explain how this expanded women’s rights or freedoms. Or did it take rights and freedoms away?


(2) From Document 141 in Voices of Freedom – Elsie Hill and Florence Kelley Debate the Equal Rights Amendment. How do the arguments of Hill and Kelley reflect the different definitions of women’s freedom and their role in society?

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