An initiative to help overcome the limitation that health data are textual and contextual is

1.       An initiative to help overcome the limitation that health data are textual and contextual is

2.       Which of the following functions does an EDMS NOT support

3.       A healthcare organization remains committed to purchasing a vendor’s product, which the organization finds solid in its financial and administrative applications but weaker in clinical applications. What is the term for this strategy

4.       Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Uniform Rules Relating to Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (also known as e-discovery) enables what information to be brought into court

5.       A project manager who recognizes that a team is undergoing the storming stage of group development might find which aid helpful to move forward

6.       The term that describes the ability of one information system to exchange data with another information system is

7.       Which of the following does a project manager NOT need to know how to do

8.       The party which funds the PHR relates to which of the Connecting for Health dimensions



1.     What are the major benefits and potential barriers to achieving benefits in an EHR? What steps are important to overcome barriers

2.     Please describe workflow technology. What does it mean? What tasks can it perform

3.     What is a template-based entry? Describe the pros and cons of a template-based entry

4.     As discussed in the literature, what has the IOM been known for as it relates to the EHR in healthcare? Describe three of their contributions



1.       What are the early definitions of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the criteria for an HER

2.       Explain and describe the meaning of data sources and data uses as they pertain to healthcare and the EHR. Please provide examples of each. Address the data-information-knowledge continuum.

3.       What is the importance of vocabulary standards, language, terminology, nomenclature, and the interrelationships among healthcare language components? Describe each of them