aoj 200 people v mcginnis

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Lets talk about the actus reas requirement of crime. A crime cannot be committed unless there is a guilty act. Therefore, a person can’t be arrested for “being” a drug addict, “being” a homeless person, or “being” a prostitute. But a person could be arrested for being under the influence of drugs, for loitering or trespass, or engaging in an act of prostitution.

First, read about “solicitation for prostitution” and it’s definition on page 500.

Some states have statutes that make it a crime to “loiter for the purpose of prostitution.” The actus reas does not need to include any act of prosecution or agreement to enter into prostitution.

Let’s compare “solicitation for prostitution” and “loitering for the purpose of prostitution.”

Read People v. Mcginnis on page 501. What were the facts of this case? What was the issue (what was the question before the court)? What did the court decide? Do you agree with the court’s decision, and tell us why or why not?

Now, compare and contract solicitation for prosecution and loitering for the purpose of prostitution.