art assignment 28

Assignment #2

Watch the following video that discusses Lee Boroson’s art and explains the art assignment. This can be done with physical materials or drawn using the web-based drawing application ( and uploaded as a pdf document. If you create a physical object or drawing you will need to document and upload the image to the dropbox. Examples will be given in class.


1. Find an image online of a natural setting you have never visited
2. Use the image to create a desktop monument

3. Document what you have made and upload to the D2L dropbox with your name and the place you were inspired to create.

Assignment #3

Watch the video about artist Lenka Clayton and follow the directions for the art assignment.

This can be completed with physical materials or interpreted in a digital drawing ( Please upload your image to the dropbox. Keep in mind that the purpose of the assignment is not the ability to make things with your hands but it is an exercise in the faultiness of memory and layers of translation.


1. Ask someone to describe an object they made or cherished as a child. Make a mental image of that object or write down for your reference.
2. Create the object (drawing, painting, sculpture, or web-based drawing)
3. Give the object back to the person
4. Document and upload as a .jpeg or .pdf file

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