art short answer 1

File upload information: Open the file “Short Answer Answer Sheet”. Save the file to your device with your name in the new filename. Write your replies below the prompt, keeping the text of the prompt. Optional: If you wish, you may delete the questions you choose not to answer. When ready, upload the finished Answer Sheet into the appropriate Turnitin spot on Canvas.

Instructions: Pick 4 of the following prompts and write a paragraph in response, between 100-200 words. (Do not count the prompt’s text as part of the answer.) Cite sources, if necessary, using footnotes. Make specific reference to readings and artwork where it will make your answer stronger. However, to minimize repetition you may not discuss any piece of art in more than one response. (Exception: “Dust”, the work featured below, must be discussed in both Questions 5and 6.) The artwork you select may have been mentioned in lecture, in assigned reading, or on the “Art for the Week” pages.

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