article critique individuals with disabilities

Length: Article critiques are required to be a page and a half (1- ½) long.

Citations: Each article critique should contain two quotes: One from our textbook and the other one from the article.

APA Format: Citations must follow APA format. The first page will contain the details as indicated in the syllabus that include your name, name of class, and date at the top left corner. The second page will contain a HEADER, which is the title of your article critique in UPPER CASE LETTER. References: The details of your two quotes will be placed at the bottom of your second page after the answers to your questions.

Critique: Your article critique will consist of a summary of the article’s main points, which you will support by using a quote from our textbook and one from the article.

Questions: Please answer the enclosed 15 questions that you will find in each tab below on the second page of your critique. Do not write the question, but make sure that each answer corresponds to each question so that you are answering the questions that corresponds to each number.

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