astronomy 131 2 assignments

assignment 1 lab

Venus Image Exploration Lab Name _______________________________________


To become familiar with the abundant information available on the Planet Venus along with the numerous space mission undertaken to gather this information.


Explore the link to Venus below and answer the following eight questions:


1. Is volcanism occurring on Venus at the present time? Find two pieces of indirect evidence that supports your answer.

2. Based on your knowledge of Venus and electromagnetic radiation why did the Magellan mission use radar to map the planets surface and not optical cameras?

3. Explore the images, find and record descriptive evidence which supports or rejects plate tectonic activity on the surface of Venus.

4. Has any evidence been found supporting the claim that running water was present on the surface of Venus?

5. Find the image of the “Half Crater” and describe the geological process most likely responsible for its current shape.

6. Find the images that of “pancake” like surface features and describe the likely geologic process responsible for their creation.

7. Why doesn’t Venus have lots of small impact craters on its surface?

8. Based on the information obtained from the numerous missions to Venus can you find any reasons why man should pursue further venture their?

Assignment 2

You have just heard the Mayor of Venus, Georgia is proposing a manned mission to the planet Venus and you are included. I want you to enlighten the Mayor as to the conditions present on the planet Venus. First, develop a weather report then make a list all the reasons not to pursue this mission, especially since you might be onboard.