attached are the details be keen and provide top notch work no plagiarism no grammar errors

Attached are the Details. Be keen and provide top notch work. No plagiarism no grammar errors


requirement: (2 pages)

1.The first part that is the executive summary should cover what you have found while doing assignment 1 and 2.

2.The following 4 paragraphs, two for each assignment, should discuss the most important findings that you have discovered about your base product and your product extension, assessed through the lens of chapters that we covered in our lectures.

3.Lastly, the last part should be a conclusion of your findings where you could reflect on the most important ideas that came out from these assignments, their applicability in practice and future benefit to your own journey in your professional life.


1.Base product:levoit humidifier

extension product: voice control humidifier

2. Please carefully read assignment1 and assignment2. The professor has already read these two articles, so there must not be too much duplicate content! Otherwise I will not be able to pass turnitin