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  • USE the SAME document for your answers.
  • PUT YOUR details in the required sections.
  • Do NOT change any part of the document.
  • The answer must be in English.
  • ALL questions must be answered, NO optional questions.
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  • Assignment should be submitted as MS Word format.
  • You should submit the assignment via the Blackboard. Any other ways of submission will NOT be accepted like email.
  • The assignment will NOT be accepted after Submission date.
  • Any form of PLAGIARISM is NOT accepted such as:

Q1. What is the difference between the substantive analytical procedures and the substantive test of details? Explain in detail and provide an example of each one.

Q2. For each of the following, state whether it is a test of details of account balances or a test of details of disclosures. Then note for which assertion the test provides evidence.

1. Inspect loan agreements under which an entity’s inventories are pledged.

2. Review inventory compilation for proper classification among raw materials, work in process, and finished goods.

3. Observe the count of physical inventory.

4. Trace test counts and tag control information to the inventory compilation.

5. Inquire of management about issues related to LIFO liquidations.

6. Review book-to-physical adjustments for possible misstatements.

Below is the answer of the first one to explain how to answer the question:

1. Disclosures – Occurrence, Rights and obligations

Q3. Explain the importance of observing physical inventory during an audit.

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