Based on your research, how big is the internet of things?

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BCIS 1405 – Case Study 1

Internet of Things (IoT)

Can you imagine an era when all objects and devices could be controlled over the internet?

“Internet of Things” describes this phenomenon. Everyday devices such as environmental sensors, garage doors openers, electrical switches, irrigation systems, utility meters, wearable devices, cars etc. could connect and communicate on the same platform via the Internet. We already have some of these connections today, and it is believed that tens of billions of devices will be connected to the Internet of Things by the end of the decade.

One application of IoT is the Smart Home system which keeps track of connected devices such as your sound system, heating & cooling system, mobile phone, car, wrist watch, etc. The system is designed such that it knows when you are approaching home, and as a result, the system automatically regulates the air-conditioning in your home based on your temperature and unlocks the door for you upon arrival.


Research about this topic using resources from peer reviewed articles, journals, videos etc., and respond to the following questions (1–7) in a Microsoft Word document (4 pages). Your submission should have the following sections:

a. Title/cover page

b. Introduction

c. Body

d. Conclusion

e. References

*Note that the 4 pages does not include the title/cover page & references


1. What is “internet of things”, and what is the goal(s)?

2. Based on your research, how big is the internet of things?

3. Discuss the technologies required to make the IoT work?

4. Describe at least three (3) real world applications of IoT. Explain in detail

5. What are the benefits of having an IoT system?

6. What are the potential challenges of IoT in terms of security, ethics and privacy?

7. Do you support the idea of IoT? Why or why not?

Other resources

Grading Criteria

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Criteria Points
The File name follows correct format. Example: Joe Smith Case2 5
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Free of Grammar and Spelling errors 5
Case Study is double spaced and at least 4 pages in length. NOTE: Cover sheet and reference page do not count. 10
All questions within the case study are answered thoroughly. 25
Data to fully support the recommendation was presented or it is clear the student has researched the topic thoroughly. 25
Student has sources and the sources are valid and pertinent to the topic and the data presented. If it is an Internet source, does the link work? 25


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