blog assignment about public relations planning

Blog assignment about public relations planning


A draft headline – what is the point of this blog post

At least 3 and a maximum of 5 sub-headers – your story in ‘chapters’ written as a headline

One to three sentences that briefly explains what is in each sub-header

The Blog:

Word count – 1,750 to 2,000 words

Revised headline

Margins: 1” to 1.5” left and right. 1” top and bottom

ByLine – your full name

At least three maximum five sub-headers

Varying short paragraphs with white space in between. That is, don’t write all one-sentence paragraphs – break it up visually.

Bolded text to highlight one or two important phrases.

Do not use any italic.

Business fonts that vary in size based on their importance (that is, the headline is larger than sub-heads). Headlines about 14 point, Text size font 10 or 11 pt.

San-serif fonts for all headings and copy such as Ariel or Calibri.

At least two and a maximum of four ‘sets’ of bulleted lists or numbered lists.

A table if applicable

Four to five links (highlighted and active) to high quality web sites using appropriate anchor text.

No links to Google Analytics Help System. Links to a high-quality media or research sites. Other random bloggers are not usually acceptable.

At least two and maximum of four relevant illustrations/tables/graphs. Avoid business clichés like shaking hands and arrows/target. All images (except maximum ONE image that is there purely for artistic purposes) will need reference in the text. Tell the reader why the image is there.

Indicate the source of your illustrations below your illustration. Link is required.