building a business

Building a Business in Action(God Technology is the name of our simulation company)

Paper details:

”God Technology “is our simulation company, mainly developing mobile electronic technology projects!!!!! Task A The CEO/CFF and other departments will need to have a crisis meeting to respond and rectify this situation. You need to provide a letter on this matter to all stakeholders and a letter to all employees that outlines the companies policy on the living wage and to clarify the company policy on break times/pensions/performance related pay and the continued investment and development of all its employees. You need to produce as a company team A letter to Stakeholders – Minimum 150words A letter to the employees. – Minimum 150 words You should research this area by examining similar companies who have faced this type of situation. Task B: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy/Ethical Policy: Charitable giving and going green for good While you attempt to rectify the negative impact of your company over the living wage problem, you have also drawn attention to your companies limited CSR policy with regards to the environment, the local community and the interests of wider society. You therefore need to write a company CSR policy to clarify how you can manage better the economic, social and environmental impacts of your companies operations to maximise the benefits and minimise the negatives. Provide a company policy document with a minimum of 900 words that outlines the companies policy in the following areas: An ethical policy statement Going Green – a statement of how your company will be sustainable and environmentally sound including: Recycling Reducing our carbon footprint Your submission should have a cover sheet containing your name, student number and group name. Include an approximate 200 word personal reflective summary at the beginning of your report outlining your own contribution to the group report, reflections on how the group worked, what you learnt through the task and your references. Only/submit work done by the group – No Individual contributions – identify your own individual contribution when you upload your company letters in the reflection and in the report. Article requirements