case study 1 ba 451

We are doing this paper on the merging of AT&T to Directv, along with a powerpoint to go with the sections with speaker notes.

Outline for the Team Papers and Power Point Slides

  1. (SWOT Analysis):Identification of Environmental Opportunities and Threats (External)and Firm Strengths and Weaknesses (Internal).What are some economic and market indicators that could impact your organization’s ability to compete?In addition, provide the following financial ratios:(1) return on total assets, (2) operating profit margin (or return on sales), (3) net profit margin (or net return on sales), and (4) current ratio.
  1. Strategy Formulation (Remember Chapters 4-9)
    1. Current Strategy—Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies, M&A, Alliances
    2. Strategic alternatives
    3. Alternative evaluation
    4. Alternative choice

(In this section, you will identify the strategies discussed in class:business level and corporate level strategies, cooperative strategies, merger and acquisition strategies, and international strategies).

  1. Strategic Current and Alternative Implementation Strategy (Remember Chapters 10-13)–governance polices, current organizational structure and controls, leadership style.
  1. Action items
  2. Action plan

(Here, you will identify implementation strategies discussed in class in addition to identified strategies discussed in class that included:corporate governance, organizational structures and controls:strategic and financial controls, what kind of leadership is being used, and corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic competitiveness as part of the Action items and Action plans).

  • The Power Point should be in accordance with APA 6th edition formatting.The number of slides will be at the discretion of the team.Make sure that you have enough slides to cover the points within the outline.Make sure that there is a:(1) title slide, (2) the slides are numbered, (3) use the New Times Roman font type and the size of the font should be at your discretion:make sure that your font sizes are large enough so that the audience can see your fonts, and (4) use in-text citations where they are needed and make sure to have “References” slide.

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