case study 2186

please engage in the following three activities:

Watch the video below:

Read Section II of the article on canvas “Working with immigrant families” , paying special attention to the side “engaging immigrant families”, and page 29.

Read the case study part 2 (Amadu Sesay) from our lecture on monday (its in the slides I uploaded). Answer the following questions:

  • What are some stressors this family is facing?
  • What are barriers to accessing services?
  • What services would be beneficial to this family? (please refer to specific services you learned about in class, in the article or in website you visited during the class activity)
  • How might implicit biases negatively impact our work with this family?
  • How might we engage with this family in a more cultural competent and empowering way (please refer to either the video or the article you read to answer this question)

please write each question and answer it in at least 500 words total not counting the question word count only your answers to each question it is fine to go over 500, also recommended.

everything you need is attached