Clearly state your idea and the security/stock used to express that idea.

In this report, it will be no more than 4-pages doubled spaced (verbiage only). Of course if

pictures and graphs are included it will be longer. But the verbiage portion should be generally no

more than 4-pages doubled spaced. This would equate to approximately 2-pages per investment


2. Clearly state your idea and the security/stock used to express that idea.

3. Fundamental analysis: include supportive evidence including, macro-economic backdrop

germane to your idea, industry/sector specific data, and finally firm-level.

4. Technical analysis: the timing aspects of your idea will include, “the when” everything in above #3

will happen. For example, your idea and security/stock may be a good investment idea but “the

when” to take that investment theme live and go into a trade is a different story. For example,

since Q3 2016 macro-economic data has soften and peaking but has not peaked. Although the

economic backdrop lends itself well for a short-bias investment strategy, the data has not peaked.

Simply we are nearing a recession, but the recession has not materialized which is an essential

element for a short-bias strategy. Simply, a self-directed-active-aggressive investor may decide to

short various markets, just simply “not now.”

5. Model development: You will use at a minimum two-stage technical analysis of the security you

are using to express your investment idea. The two-stage process simply means you are using

two rules to time your investment. Example of S&P 500 that we are currently developing in class.

6. Conclusion: reiterate your findings without bias to “sell” me on the idea that your particular

investment idea will work.