Come up with several television shows that serve as examples of “quality” programs and “trashy” programs

  1. Come up with several television shows that serve as examples of “quality” programs and “trashy” programs. What characteristics determine their quality (plots, subject matter, themes, characters…)?
  2. Is there anything you can think of that is “universally trashy”? Or universally in good taste?
  3. On the whole, are Americans seen as having good taste? Why or why not? Is there a country/culture that always seems tasteful in its cultural products?
  4. Which model (Culture as Skyscraper or Culture as  Map) makes more sense to you and why?


1) Answer all questions fully by the deadline.

2) Respond in a minimum of 350 words. This is to answer all questions; it is not 350 words for each separate question.

3) Write in an academic style. That is, it should: Be spelling error free, Use proper grammar and punctuation, Go beyond your personal opinion or story.

4) Connect your response DIRECTLY to course concepts, terms and theories. CITE THE READING (e.g. “According to Bandura’s social learning theory discussed in this week’s reading, (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014, p. 532) there is a link between violence on television and violent or aggressive behavior.”). I will be awarding points for effort, participation, and for the extent to which you meaningfully incorporate the terminology and concepts from the class into your posts.

5) Respond to two other students’ original responses thoughtfully and thoroughly in a manner that invites an extension of the conversation by deadline. In other words, “I totally agree with you.” is NOT a sufficient response. Each peer response should be at least 5 – 6 substantive sentences, or a paragraph in length, and may be longer.