comment on at least 2 other students’ posts.

comment on at least 2 other students’ posts. Remember to explain your reasoning when commenting and not just tell the poster whether you agree or disagree with their justifications. For 2 complete sentences.

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After reading the tragic article, “The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire Revisited”, it is obvious that many of the Life Safety Code requirements and means of egress ere not followed. The fact that the supper club had already burned 40 years before, makes you wonder if all codes had been updated to the proper safety standards. One means of egress violation was that access to the building was limited with only one single lane uphill driveway. That driveway was also blocked with customer vehicles because the parking lot was overflowing. This violation alone delayed the fire department getting to the building and it also made it a longer time for the fire hoses to fill up. There were also only 16.5 exits, which according to Kentucky law, was 11 exits short for the number of people in the building. Although the exit doors weren’t locked, the inside door was 30 feet inside the building. This is where a firefighter found a pile of people, both dead and alive stacked in the doorway trying to escape. Another violation of the means of egress was placing additional seating in isles, ramps and doorways which interfered with access to the exits.

When looking at Life Safety Code violations, there was a terrible violation of overcrowding. The Cabaret Room was said to have an occupancy limit of 615-756 but was estimated to have about 1300 people attending the concert. The wiring was also inadequate and would not have passed inspection. There were no firewalls to prevent the spread of the fire and no sprinkler or sound fire alarms in the building. It’s amazing this building was even allowed to open with the multiple violations.

As to whether or not this event could happen again, I believe it could happen again. There will always be people that don’t follow safety codes and it’s usually because of money. They either don’t want to pay for the inspections or they overlook the required codes to make money. Having the building overloaded with people was because the owners wanted to make money on the additional customers. They didn’t care about risking lives. Because there will always be people like this, it can always happen again.

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The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire.

1. One of the basic requirements for life safety that were not followed was, the fact that the building had reached full capacity and there were still people overflowing into the building. In one of the sections of the building, they were holding a private awards banquet people had to have additional seating which took place in the isles, ramps, and doorways. Which is a huge fire hazard. There was also very little room for the fire department to get their fire trucks up the driveway with all the vehicles in the way, another big mistake.

2. Some of the means of egress that were not followed was there were no routes in which occupants could promptly evacuate. There were no backup safeguards in place to ensure human life was not endangered when their system failed. The last mean of egress that was not followed that I am going to mention is the character of occupancy, they allowed people to enter the building past regulated occupancy and allowed them to sit chairs in the isles, ramps, and doorways which ultimately left people unable to exit the room and building safely.

3. I most definitely think an event like this can occur. Especially in smaller towns that hold larger events. I myself have been to events in my hometown in which the building was past regulated occupancy which could have led to a dangerous situation if a fire had broken out. So, it could very easily happen today. Events like this occur almost every day.

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