Comment using your own words but please provide at least one reference for each comment.

Comment using your own words but please provide at least one reference for each comment.

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When one makes the decision to study the nursing career, think more about the healing area, that is, work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, etc. During this course we have known a field of nursing in which the knowledge of the specialty is used to promote the health of communities or people with health risks. When working with individuals we do it in a personalized way so by providing them with education and preventive treatments we help them to prevent the deterioration of their health.

When it comes to working with groups within a community the situation is different, first we have to identify and contact the community group that is at risk or already has a condition that affects their health or incorporation into society, as they are for example, patients who have problems of drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, people who are very anxious or neurotic, etc. Once identified, it is about promoting in them a change of behavior and / or lifestyle so that they can recover and be useful members of society. Previous experience and evidence-based practice are very important for us to achieve our goals. Mental Health America provides us with a list of multiple support groups for individuals, professionals and communities, mainly in the area of mental health, including alcoholism; As we can see in the reference at the end of this comment (MHA, 2019).

The need for collaboration and partnership with already existing groups is very important because these groups have years of experience dealing with groups with similar situations, so the goals we set will be more easily achieved if we take them as models. We must look for groups that have passed the test of time, such as anonymous alcoholics. Changing patterns of behavior that are risky in people is not an easy task, especially if the behavior is associated with conditions such as alcoholism or substance abuse, the person who has the problem will need a lot of support from people who have overcome The problem, the support of groups and having a sense of belonging with it are very important for the affected to be motivated and interested in change.

In my second reference, we describe five reasons to seek help from a support group to overcome an addiction, which are: Facing a problem is not an easy task, Having a group of friends helps us to reduce anxiety, The members of the group and our loved ones will help us to realize if we are relapsing, seeing our loved ones happy for our achievements motivates us to keep going, Confidence and self-esteem increase when not being alone (Recovery Connection, 2018). As we can see, there are many reasons to look for alliances with existing groups when creating new community support groups.

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