Conduct an Internet search for a code of ethics that aligns with Master of Public Health

Conduct an Internet search for a code of ethics that aligns with Master of Public Health.


A code of ethics is important in guiding decision making, when values  are in conflict, and in helping to define acceptable behavior for  members of an organization. In your fourth study activity for this unit,  you conducted an Internet search for a professional code of ethics from  an association aligned with your field or specialization. Examine that  code in preparation for this discussion. Also, refer to the assigned  readings from the first study activity for this unit.


In your initial discussion post:


  1. Include the name of the organization that publishes the code of  ethics that you found, such as the National Association for Healthcare  Quality. Include the URL for the code of ethics.
  2. Use the information in the readings or the research you conducted to guide your choices, and complete the following:
  3. Identify an actual ethical challenge you have experienced or  observed in you professional life (personnel issues, confidentiality,  patient records, communication, et cetera) to use as a foundation for  this discussion question. Remember not to include any information that  might breach confidentiality.
  4. After selecting your ethical challenge, review the code of  ethics appropriate for your profession, along with any relevant  research, and determine how the ethical challenge you identified might  be resolved.
  5. Examine the factors that contribute to the ethical challenge and how it might affect the organization.
  6. Propose a solution that:
    1. Aligns with your professional code of ethics. 
    2. Is supported with recent relevant research.
  7. Explain how you, as a leader, will support and guide the process to resolve the ethical challenge.

This is only an essay!!! No headers/footers or title page!!! Just 2-3 paragraphs with the references on the same page (in other words no page break needed).