conducting swott in assisted living

Assignment Instructions:

Please post as a Microsoft Word attachment; present in your own words.

Make sure you read and follow the requisite format; also, read the grading rubric to see how your paper will be read.

Here’s the scenario….

Your organization is contemplating an expansion of services. However, before leadership takes any action, it wants you to analyze your organization from a systems perspective. Hence, you have been asked to complete a SWOTT Analysis of your organization.

Here is a link you also may want to view. It’s on SWOT rather than the newer SWOTT. However, the second T simply means you have to review Trends in your analysis. The link :

SWOT Analysis: Discover New Opportunities, Manage and Eliminate Threats

You are to use the following format:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction to paper
  • Explanation of the Organization Being Analyzed (Level 1 Heading)
  • Strengths (Level 1 Heading)
  • Weaknesses (Level 1 Heading)
  • Opportunities (Level 1 Heading)
  • Threats (Level 1 Heading)
  • Trends (Level 1 Heading)
  • Report of the SWOTT Analysis (Level 1 Heading)
  • Conclusion to paper
Here is the grading rubric for the assignment. Make sure you review it before starting.

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