Contrast properties between minerals and proteins

Match the following disease/condition to the appropriate dietary recommendation(Which one need adequate amount of vitamin K / folate/ Vitamin B12/ Vitamin D/ Iron/ phytonutrients)



Blood clotting factor 


Macrocytic anemia 


Pernicious anemia 


Microcytic hypochromic anemia 



Improved immune system 








Question 40

Contrast properties between minerals and proteins



Question 45 


Extra Credit: Nineteen year old Jennie has iron deficiency anemia. She is a busy student on the run, and snacks all day on vending machine products such as chips, cookies and sodas, and often has fried noodles for dinner- she likes theses foods and they are quick and easy and convenient. Her mom was just diagnosed with colon cancer, and Jennie is starting to worry about her diet… plus, she is fatigued all the time.


1.  Given her diet, what other health problems might she be at risk for, as well?

2.  What are some realistic ways she might change what she eats to lower her risk for her medical concerns (prevention and treatment both) of these diseases (iron deficiency anemia and color cancer… plus other health risks you’ve identified, too, with her diet)… and put her on the road to a healthier body.


3.  Explain WHY you have chosen the foods that you have, and excluded others, or included some that boost absorption of certain nutrients.