could someone take a look at the assignment below proofreading military correspondence

Objective: This practical exercise allows students to practice proofreading military correspondence to demonstrate their understanding of standard letter format and proper spelling.

Instructions to the Student:

1. Save CC6620SPE.pdf to your computer. Use SECNAV M-5216.5, Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual, to review naval letter samples 2, 3, and 4 on the next few pages. Annotate the letters with a description of the format and spelling errors you find along with how to correct the error; then, you should provide the applicable reference and page number. Below are two possible methods to add the annotations to the letters. See Figure 1 for a few examples.

Method 1: Use computer software to add comments or notes to the portable document format (PDF) file. This method requires software such as Adobe Professional, etc.

Method 2: Print the letter samples and write your error notes directly on the printed copy. This method requires you to scan the annotated letters to create a single PDF. If a scanner is not available, you may want to use a mobile scanning app for your phone such as Adobe Scan, etc.

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