Create  a one page memo to use with patients and their families which will explain  

This assignment will result in  two bulleted lists and a memo for  patients. All can be placed into one Word  Document for submission. In  this assignment, imagine yourself in the role of a  recently hired HIM  Manager for LiveWell Hospital. You are the direct supervisor  over  Release of Information, Chart Completion and Clinical Documentation   Improvement. You previously worked as an HIM coordinator and were on the  front  line when they adopted and deployed a Health Information  Exchange (HIE), and  this gave you a hiring advantage at LiveWell.

SCENE ONE: Ms.  Clark, the HIM Director asks to see you in her  office to review a possible  project for you. LiveWell wants to adopt  and roll-out an HIE with several  facilities in the northern part of  your state. She prefers that the Information  Systems department oversee  and manage the HIE project and indicates that she  doesn’t believe that  HIM professionals have the competency needed for an HIE  roll-out. Your  previous experience with HIE was very rewarding and successful –  you  interrupt Ms. Clark in your excitement and plead with her to let you   oversee HIE at LiveWell. You explain that your previous experience  convinced  you that HIE belongs in the HIM department. Ms. Clark asks  you to research and  report back on the following two issues regarding  HIE:

  1. Create  a bulleted list that outlines HIM COMPETENCY to effectively manage an  HIE roll-out.
  2. Prepare  a 2nd bulleted list and ADVOCATE for HIE – she wants to better  understand the benefits for the patient, the healthcare facility and the  northern region of your state.

You leave Ms.  Clark’s office and locate the following AHIMA article, HIE Management and  Operational Considerations (Updated) and use it to respond to the above issues presented by Ms. Clark above.
SCENE TWO: The  following month, Ms. Clark notifies you that based  on your input and  experience, the HIM department will oversee the  roll-out of an HIE. She  congratulates you and then indicates that she  is concerned on how patients will  accept an HIE – she feels that an HIE  will scare patients and make them feel  that their PHI (protected  health information) is at risk. She asks you to:

  1. Create  a one page memo to use with patients and their families which will explain
    1. How  we participate in a regional medical records-sharing HIE.
    2. Why  we participate in a regional medical records-sharing HIE
    3. Indicate  how a patient’s information may be used and disclosed for the HIE.
    4. Include  specific benefits to the patient of our clinic  sharing their private health  information with other health care  providers.
    5. Include  information on the privacy and security protections that are pertinent.
    6. The  memo must be easy to read, well organized and proofed.  This is a professional  communication tool that will be seen by all of  LiveWell’s patients.

Be sure to  responsibly use citations for research sources and make  sure your submission is  free of spelling and grammar errors. Your  completed submission will include:

  • two  bulleted lists (#1 and #2 above)
  • a  memo for patients (#3 above