crossing over film

Write a one-page, double-spaced, reflection of the video. Tell me a brief one pargraph summary of the events in the movie, discuss your reaction to the movie and how you feel about it, then write tow paragraphs that compares and contrasts this movie to the other texts we have discussed about immigration (textbook articles, handouts, and the Roy Beck video). Be sure to analyze it RHETORICAl.

other texts we have discussed about immigration:

Beck: Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs

UN 2017: Sharp increase in money migrants send home lifts millions out of poverty

Legrain (2018) “How to convince skeptics of the value of immigration”

Camarota: The Case Against Immigration

Chang, Barton: The racist history of US immigration (video)

Undocumented Americans: Inside the Immigration Debate (TIME – Youtube)

Mark: The complicated green card process

Geraldino: What we are missing in the debate about immigration (Ted Talk)

Farmworkers caught in web of illegal immigration debate (CBS News Youtube)

Harrop – Can we have a sensible immigration policy?