current multicultural news

  • Each student will be responsible for creating a “current multicultural news” journal, as outlined in the course schedule.
  • Students MUST seek out articles on a variety of minority cultures, NO REPEATS J
  • The articles must be from a newspaper (paper or electronic) or news magazine (e.g., Newsweek, Time) and reflect a minority issue or minority community activity AND have been published within the last year.
  • A copy of the article must be obtained and secured in the journal. Be sure to include the source and date of the publication as well.
  • Write a one paragraph synopsis of the article which should be a factual paragraph highlighting the salient components of the article. Next, write a second paragraph will include personal comments about the context of the article. Please be sure to have two distinct paragraphs, the first highlighting the main facts of the article, and the second paragraph being a personal reflection of the article.
  • For full credit,you must read and respond to at least three of your peer’s posts!!
  • Hand written copies of synopses and comments will not be accepted.

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