debrief about what you experienced and witnessed in your coaching session.

Must be APA format, plagiarism free, avoid using contractions, and incorporate the christian view. 

Now it’s your chance to practice holding a coaching session with a co-worker. First, read through Chapter 11 (Moore) to understand how to conduct a coaching session. Your practice with your team mate should have prepared you and provided you ideas of how a session should flow. Second, meet with the co-worker to determine a time and a place to conduct your coaching session with him or her. You also want to ask your co-worker ahead of time about something in his or her life they have resisted to change. Third, conduct the coaching session. This week you have worked through the Coaching Case in Chapter 11 with your team mate, read through Chapter 11 (Moore) and the five stages of change, and have addressed multiple role play scenarios. You are now able to continue your practice in coaching and helping others. Forth, conduct a 20-minute coaching session with your co-worker, attempting to help him or her with the change they are seeking. TAKE NOTES DURING THE SESSION. 

Write a 2-3 page debrief about what you experienced and witnessed in your coaching session. Discuss what you observed and how each level of the Five Stages of Change was addressed. Answer the following:  As the coach discuss what was the change issue the co-worker was seeking?  Discuss the session. What emotions were shown? How did the co-work resist change?  In what ways did you express concern, support, empathy?  Discuss the Five Stages of Change and how you moved your co-work through each stage.  What goals did the co-worker established (provide details of SMART)?  Provide a debrief on what you learned the most about coach.  Provide a debrief on what was a greatest challenge and something you would like to get better at. o Requirements: Each paper submitted in this course must have a title page and a reference page.