Describe three uses of genetic engineering.

Consider a phenotypic trait you have, such as blue eyes or brown hair, and respond to the following:

  • Is it a dominant or recessive genetic trait?
  • Explain how you know whether this trait is dominant or recessive.
  • Use what you have learned about dominant and recessive alleles to support your response.
  • Provide a scenario that might cause a recessive trait to be beneficial or even more common than a dominant trait.
  • How could this scenario affect the population that exhibits this genetic trait?


  • Describe three uses of genetic engineering.
  • Which of these three do you believe is most important? Why?
  • How have recent legislative bodies and/or interest groups attempted to restrain or curtail certain applications of genetic engineering?
  • What arguments do they make against the use of genetic engineering?
  • Do you agree with any of these arguments? Why or why not?