developing the recruitment program

Must be APA format, NO PLAGIARISM, includes the christian & worldview, check grammar and less contractions.

You are the HR Manager for a cable company that has recently decided to build a new call center to handle customer service issues. Your company is considering four (4) locations for the call center: Memphis, TN; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS; and Baton Rouge, LA. The plans are to initially hire 100 customer service representatives with the potential to hire another 50 representatives within three (3) years of the facility’s opening. You have been tasked to determine which location would be best, developing the customer service representative job description, developing the recruitment program for the position, and determining the selection process, training program and pay structure for the position.

Requirements: A minimum of 2,000 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, using APA standards for formatting.

  • Include a title page which features the title of paper, your name, course name and course number, and date of submission.
  • Synthesis papers should demonstrate understanding of the following course topics:
  •  External Workforce Assessment
     Job Description and Job Specifications
     Recruitment Program and Ads
     Selection Process (including the type of interview and interview questions)
     Training Program (including orientation)
     Pay Structure (including pay survey information)
     Biblical references from lectures, writing, or reading assignments       

A reference page

  • A minimum of 10 references are required, including the text, The Holy Bible, books and articles from academic sources (Online Library), and other periodicals.