Discuss how organizations have faced the challenges that incident handlers are challenged with in identifying incidents when resources have been moved to a cloud environment

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Search “scholar.google.com” or your textbook. Discuss how organizations have faced the challenges that incident handlers are challenged with in identifying incidents when resources have been moved to a cloud environment.

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Incident Handlers Challenges

The cloud computer helps the people to share their distributed resources which are related to different business organizations. Cloud computing helps business organizations in managing their business around the globe. The cloud computing application helps business organizations in expanding their business at a large level. It can be assessed on web devices from anywhere. Nowadays cloud computing helps the business organizations in meeting the demands of their customers more efficiently. The malicious cloud system has been noticed by the incident handlers which is a core concern for the business organization. Nowadays every business organization is using cloud computing in order to manage their important data and information of the business. The business organization is facing many incidents in their organization which can directly affect the working of their business. The main challenge that has been faced by the incident handlers is the accuracy in identification (John W. Rittinghouse, 2017).

The number of challenges that faced in the cloud environment are as follows:-

1.      Challenge of denial of services: – The first main challenge that has been faced by the incident handler is the denial of services. There are various incidents of service attacks which can create a bogus request for preventing the system within the stipulated time. Such physical attack creates a challenge of service denial for the system.

2.      Challenge of malicious code: – The second main challenge which can be faced by the incident handler is the challenge of malicious code. It can quickly affect the number of workstations in the business organization. It effects the working of the business organization.

3.      Challenge of unauthorized access:- The third main challenge which is being faced by the incident handler is the unauthorized access of the system by the third party in the business organization. It can affect important data and information about the business. The attackers can access the system by the unauthorized way and steal the important data of the business organization.

4.      Challenge of inappropriate use:- The fourth main challenge which may be faced by the incident handlers is the challenge of inappropriate use of the system. In the business organization, any employee can provide the illegal copies of the software to the other company employees. They can take advantage of the data and can misuse it.

5.      Cloud service provider challenge:- The fifth main challenge that can be faced by the incident handler is the cloud service providers. This situation occurs when there is no control over the actions provided by cloud service providers. It can affect the business infrastructure system of the business organization.

All the above are the various challenges that can be faced by the incident handlers in the business organization which can affect the smooth functioning of the organization. All these challenges can be faced in the cloud computing environment. The main conclusion of these challenges is that if any business organization has no control over its services, then there should need to implement more flexibility to its virtual applications to maintain their security of the network. The incident handlers have to cope with these challenges in order to run their business organization in a smooth manner (Ryan Ko, 2015).

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The cloud the environment has transformed how IT is used and managed by firms in an innovative and cost-efficient manner. Organizations are shifting to the cloud environment as they can reach to their marketplace faster and scale up their operations as per the growth. Since 2008 there has been a large shift in the entire world where more and more organizations are using cloud computing models and benefitting from them substantially. However, incident management teams do find it extremely challenging. There is regulatory, privacy as well as security issues associated with a cloud environment.

Cloud Environment challenges

Loss of control of incident managers- The enterprises usually lose their control when they attempt to enhance the security of the networks, and this is the critical drawback faced in a cloud environment. Responsibility of the network security in a cloud environment is shared between the CSP or the cloud service provider and the organizations. So the model of server in use by the enterprise gives very less or almost no control over the security of the cloud environment by the employees. The IaaS or infrastructure as a service provides organizations to gain some control as the cloud service provider only offers an infrastructure to host the business on the cloud. Their competency of security management is not proven. Hence the main task of security responsibility still lies on the organizational incident management team (Anonymous, 2018). The stack which is given to the incident managers are built, used and controlled by the cloud service providers. SaaS environments get an incident handler lesser controlled. As a result, security gaps are constantly evaluated.

Vendor lock-in situations- If the SLA or policy document the cloud service provider is not read properly then the firm can find it challenging when there is a vendor lock-in the scenario. This is where switching from one vendor to another is not allowed (SDxCentral, 2018).

Loss of crucial business data- Another challenge witnessed is the loss of data if the company makes an error or if there is a natural disaster. There is no surety about the kind of disaster recovery plan the cloud service providing firm has in place.

Theft from inside – Employees of cloud service provider department with wrong intentions can creep in and use data if the safety measures are not rebutted. The threat from insider man-made anomalies is the highest in a cloud environment (TaheriMonfared & Jaatun, 2018).

Breaches of data – The cloud environment also at times suffer from data breaches. Any kind of breach which becomes successful can lead to huge financial loss, penalties, and customer confidence loss and reputation loss for an organization.

Above challenges are faced when business functions are shifter over the cloud environment.  Numerous security-related issues in the cloud can arise as the color covers networks, technologies, OS, etc. it is a challenge to keep the enterprise assets secured when total power is not in the hands of the management. It is hence important to trust only reliable and efficient cloud services providers who have robust security protocols implemented.