Discuss relationship between the purpose of internet use and the degree of addiction

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Cyber Addiction in U.S. Adolescents- ages 10-19

· The paper should contain discussion and conclusion sections which summarize any unmet needs and the take-home message of your topic.

· Discuss limitations, important considerations and recommendations for the future

Include the following using headers for each

A. Gender differences in the use of internet among adolescents

B. Relationship between the purpose of internet use and the degree of addiction

C. Prevalence of internet addiction among adolescents

D. Interventions initiated to solve the issue of cyber addiction in adolescents

E. Intervention plan and needed resources


Critical thinking Consistently demonstrates an objective synthesis of the information presented by correctly interpreting the evidence, identifying salient arguments, accurately explaining any assumptions, and thoughtfully analyzing opposing points of view.
Conclusion The conclusion is clear, no longer than 1 paragraph, and connects directly with the stated objective of the paper. For example if the objective was to ‘identify solutions to obesity in XYZ community’, the conclusion specifically refers to the solutions that were identified.
Writing Quality Free of spelling errors and uses good grammar. Uses good sentence structure throughout and written content flows well.