Discuss the position description to explain work to be allocated to the employee.

Complete Part A and Part B.

Part A.

1. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business documentation provided.

2. Review the scenario below.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. One of your customer service and sales representatives is taking a year’s absence. A garden products employee, Kim Smith, has been seconded to you after expressing an interest in the temporary hardware and home products position to her manager.
You will need to meet with Kim’s manager and the store manager to discuss the secondment and Kim’s fitness for the role you have in mind.You have a role description for the position (Appendix 1). One of the main concerns you have is Kim’s ability to transfer the customer service skills practiced and learned in the garden centre, and to learn new homewares-specific product and service knowledge. Probably one of the key determinants of whether the secondment will be a success will be Kim’s attitude to acquiring new skills and knowledge and persevering through a period of adjustment to her new work conditions.After meeting with Kim’s manager and store manager, you will need to meet with Kim to negotiate a work plan (Appendix 2), including two to three goals and KPIs, consistent with the organisation’s operations planning. You are prepared to accept that during a six-month transition period (one performance appraisal period) sales performance may be as much as 20% off target. Currently sales representatives in the hardware and homewares division are expected to generate $10,000 of revenue monthly. Other objectives and KPIs may be drawn from and negotiated on the basis of the role’s position description.Finally, you will need to identify and analyse two to three risks associated with the secondment and record the analyses (Appendix 3).

3. Carry out the role-play with the garden product manager and store manager. Ensure you:

a. Discuss your expectations for the employee and your needs for filling the position with this resource:

i. Discuss the position description to explain work to be allocated to the employee.

ii. Gather a sense of the employee’s aptitude.

iii. Discuss performance standards, code of conduct and work outputs expected from employee.

b. Gather informal feedback to relay to the employee that will allow the employee to start off with a realistic sense of the expectations of the position and how hard they may have to work to close any performance/skills/ knowledge gaps.

4. Carry out the role-play with the seconded employee. Ensure you complete the following:

i. Briefly explain employee about the position description.

ii. Briefly summarise how performance is measured and performance objectives are set within the organisation.

iii. In accordance with those processes, set performance objectives and complete a work plan in consultation with the employee.

iv. Discuss general expectations and code of conduct with employee.

5. Explain how allocated work plan is efficient, cost effective and outcome focussed.

Appendix 1: Employee position description

Position Description
Job title:Customer Service RepresentativeDate:
Job level:Reports to:Manager Homewares
Department/division:Hardware and home products
Summary of positionProvide expert advice to customers on hardware and homewares products, process sales and refer sales to checkout staff.
Essential job requirements●  Determine customer needs.●  Provide expert advice to customers.●  Take and process orders.
Required competence/educationWhat are the minimum competence/educational requirements for this position?CompetenceLevel/standardProduct knowledgeAbility to describe the use of each product; (on rare occasions, where necessary) able to refer to others on team with more expert knowledge and with minimal inconvenience to customer.Customer focusCan develop rapport, inspire confidence; Up-sell and cross-sell when appropriate to meet customer’s needs.Point-of-sale technologyAble to complete and process orders within two minutes.Learning and developmentExpected to take a self-directed and continuous approach to learning on- and off-the-job in consultation with managementHealth, safety, security and environmentCan follow relevant policies and procedures for WHS, recordkeeping and financial procedures, sustainability policies and procedures.
Physical requirementsMust be able to stand for four-hour shifts; minimal lifting: 20 kg.
Mental requirementsN/A
Equipment usedComputer/point-of-sale terminal, telephone, forklift, fax machine, power tools.
Supervisory responsibilitiesN/A
Working conditions●  Indoor warehouse environment.●  Occasional outdoor work.

Appendix 2: Employee work plan

Internal process
Customer focus

Appendix 3: Risk management plan template

RiskRiskLikelihoodRisk impactControlsMonitoringTimelinesResponsible

Part B

1. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business documentation provided, particularly policies and procedures relevant to the current performance management system.

2. Review the scenario below.

It has been noted by senior management that employee performance has generally fallen behind targets. Particular areas of concern are sales revenue and customer satisfaction.Looking at the results of organisational climate measures taken by Australian Hardware’s HR team, employees complain of:Deficiencies●  the lack of apparent management commitment to training and advancement●  the lack of meaningful rewards and recognition●  the lack of management presence and ongoing feedback on work performance.A large proportion of employees, 45%, always or often feel disengaged from work; their sense of self-confidence and optimism is low. There is a high risk of the organisation being unable to attract, retain and enact a succession plan if trends continue.You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. As the most knowledgeable manager on matters of performance management, you have been asked to deliver a short training session (15–20 minutes) on the current performance management system and your plans to improve the current system to take account of HR information.Your managerial audience is generally familiar with the current system, but would benefit from a refresher as an introduction to learning about your approved amendments.

3. Make appropriate amendments to the performance management & review process system to address the identified deficiencies. Ensure its consistency with organisational objectives and policies.

4. Plan a short training session to convey the important features of the current performance management system and your amendments. Assume that your amendments have been approved and are supported by senior management for piloting at the Wollongong store.

Ensure you cover the following in your session:

a. Introduction to the main features of the performance management system in place, including:

i. goal-setting and performance measurement processes

ii. formal and informal feedback

iii. performance appraisals

iv. monitoring training and development

v. recordkeeping needs and requirements

b. Discussion of the amendments you have made to the current system, including a focus on developing potential through positive development options rather than on identifying and correcting performance weaknesses.

c. Prepare to answer questions on the amendments you have made, particularly the purpose of your system (What do you hope to achieve? What problems does it address?) and how your amended system is designed to achieve that purpose.

5. Deliver a 15–20 minute training session. Lead others by gaining support for your amended system: explain and argue for the benefits of your amendments.

Note: For example, you could demonstrate amendments to the existing performance management system by amending existing processes in response to the scenario and then using these amendments in a training presentation. You could present these amendments on PowerPoint slides

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