Discuss the significant contributions the managed care movement has made in today’s healthcare industry in the United States.

You are to answer three questions and respond to at least one classmate by Sunday at Midnight. You are evaluated on the quality of your answer and response to your fellow classmate(s).

For module 7, please discuss the following topics:

1. Discuss the significant contributions the managed care movement has made in today’s healthcare industry in the United States.

2. In what ways can you identify from your own personal experience any of the four elements or components of managed care?

3. Are there characteristics of today’s managed care operations that can easily be traced back to the early years of managed care in the later half of the 19th century?

4. What do you think is the likelihood that a piece of legislation similar to the HMO Act of 1973 with its three significant provisions could be passed in today’s political and economic climate?

5. What do you think would be the most challenging health administration aspect for managing the core strategies of case management, utilization management, and demand and disease management?

Assignment 2

No movement in American health care has had such an impact on services, funding, and care delivery as has managed care. To understand the field means to know its core process and how the term itself is being used. This module presents its rich history, its major characteristics, its significant policy and legislation, along with the five areas of care delivery that has so changed how health care is delivered in the United States. The final section of this module deals with managed care’s relationship with health administration, and how health administration has responded to the overwhelming challenges managed care represents. It has been a “game changer” for health administration and remains so today, but this has also significantly improved the quality and performance of health administration.

This week’s assignment is for you all to complete the discussion board posts and for you all to turn in your research papers. I received a few e-mails and figured this would be the best way to communicate the same message to everyone.

In short:

An abstract is NOT required

You are expected to use peer journal reviewed articles – the library can help access these type of articles.

Follow the APA writing guidelines, there are plenty of resources online, and under the student resources area as well as additional help from the library.

The page length is at least 7 no more than 10 pages, this page count does not reflect your reference and title page – so essentially the page count could be 9 to 12 with these pages included.

Research Paper Topics: Choose from the following topic areas… DUE on Sunday by 12 midnight.

The Pro’s and Cons of the Affordability Care Act

Health Insurance for All Americans – Does it help or harm?

Health Information Technology and the Impact on the Quality of Care

The Emotional State of America – Mental Health services for women and men for emotional health and mental well being.

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