discussion 3583

Visit the following fact sheet and then respond to the questions that follow: http://www.doj.state.or.us/victims/pdf/domestic_violence_and_children.pdf

1. Why is it important to consider the age when a child is exposed to domestic violence?

2. Identify and describe the effects of witnessing domestic violence on a child of 3, 10 and 13.

3. Identify and describe at least 3 ways that professionals/helpers can effectively respond to child witnesses of domestic violence.

4. What behaviors might parents expect to see in their children and what strategies should parents employ to help manage these behaviors?

4. List at least 2 resources (and/or resource agencies) that would be helpful to professionals working with child witnesses. Describe the resources and/or services provided by the resource agencies.

5. Please use proper in-text citations and references to support your statements.