discussion post for business ethics and society

Chapter 10 on Managing for Sustainability presented two approaches to managing for Sustainability. First the Government has a role in regulating how businesses impact the natural environment. The Government tries to establish basement goals for sustainability through regulations protecting Air, Land and Water. However, no matter how well intended the regulations might be, there are unintended consequences that arise; such as the example of “mountaintop removal” (Exhibit 10.A) or the Discussion Case on Hydraulic Fracturing at the chapters end.

The second approach is where corporations have taken an “Enlightened Self-Interest” approach and begun moving towards being an “Ecologically Sustainable Organization,” such as the example of LEED building designs (Exhibit 10.B) or GE’s Corporations “ecomagination”strategy.

For your Discussion Topic this week, you may discuss either:

1) A Government regulation that has produced unintended consequences for business and society. Give specific examples of the regulation, the unintended consequences and companies or elements of society affected.

2) A Corporation that has taken the lead in managing for sustainability by moving beyond environmental stewardship to embrace “Clean Technology;” such as GE or UPS. You need to discuss what the corporation is doing to manage for sustainability and the benefits versus costs they are seeing.

Obviously, you will need to cite your outside references in your post.

(Please keep word count under 250 words please)