discussion questions 681

This assignment includes three questions that must be answered with references and a minimum of 350 words each. There is need for a cover page nor a reference page. References are to be placed at the end of each particular question.no

(1) Explain how ambiguity helps promote policy making and how goal ambiguity makes policy design more difficult.

(2) Do you think the federal government should increase spending on Social Security and Medicare for the elderly? If not, how should the elderly fund retirement and medical costs? Provide research support for your positions.

(3) You are the budget director for small school district that has a budget of $10 million and serves 2,500 students in six schools: three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The school district receives its budget from the city, and the city officials have told you that the city has a deficit and the school budget is being cut by $250,000. The city provides the revenue; however, the school district does have a partnership with a foundation that provides funding for innovative and supportive programs. The budget director must present alternatives to the superintendent.

  • A. What part of the budget would you examine first? Why?
  • B. After that examination, what would you cut? Why?
  • C. Create alternatives so that the superintendent and /or board has choic

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