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This assignment can be completed from home. Try to stretch the definitions of Methods and Mediums!

Consider looking at the items around you:

  • some toys are “assembled”
  • flower arrangements are “assembled”
  • food items are “carved”
  • we “carve” pencils with a pencil sharpener
  • when we wear makeup we “paint” or “draw” on our faces
  • we draw, our kids draw
  • jewelry is often “modeled” or assembled
  • we make foot “prints”, tires, bicycles makes “prints” (all printmaking)
  • Look around your environment, do you have any framed art or sculptures?


1. Find images/objects of a variety of mediums/methods/medias in your daily life. Not from the internet. You must take photographs of the actual images/objects.

2. You must indicate in your description the Mediums and

Methods/Medias from the list below:

  • Mediums: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Carving, Modeling, Assembling

  • Methods and Medias: kinetic, relief

After you have collected at least 18 examples, make a visual diary (tile images) of all you have found. Include this visual diary as a series of a few Instagram layout “pictures”. Please describe the Mediums or Methods and Medias that you are identifying.

3. Each “tiled image” should have a few photos, that are all describing the same visual element. Don’t have Instagram, that’s ok- you can do this on a Google Slide and then upload the pdf version of the slide image.

Use the same layout method from Discussion Topic #1.

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