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Imagination is often thought of as not real. This is simply not true. Your imagination is very real. Your personality, self esteem, and they way you see life is determined by your imagination. Imagination can be an asset or liability depending on your reaction to it. You can imagine you can’t do anything right. You can picture the worst possible results to anything you have to go through.Imagination can be an invaluable part of your personality. Better ways of doing things, greater success, and inventions are often conjured up from the imagination. You get stuck in a rut because of lack of imagination. In business, there is the constant need for improving products and advertising them to attract customers. This requires effective use of the imagination.Resourcefulness is skillful use of imagination in developing better methods. Successful people make effective use of their imagination. They have a mental picture of what they want to accomplish. They make adjustments as they learn from their mistakes. The unsuccessful keep doing the same thing and expect different results.