drama essay 18

You will write an essay of between 1000 and 1500 words analyzing eitherTrifles, or Wit, in which you will make an argument about how the playwright develops a specific theme in the play, making sure to correctly state the theme. Do not cover all the ways the author develops the theme, just the most significant one or ones. It would be helpful to focus on a specific element of the play, such as stage directions or character. You must use one or two secondary sources in this essay. Your sources must be books or database articles. They cannot be internet sources. You must have a works cited and in-text citations for both your primary source and your secondary sources. You must use at least four direct quotes from your secondary sources, primary sources, or both but can and probably should use more. Just make sure not to over quote and to always properly introduce and analyze your quotes. Your essay must have a strong, clear focused thesis. For instance, “Sophocles in Antigone uses the characters to discuss gender” is not a strong thesis. A stronger thesis would be Creon’s dismissing of Antigone’s perspective because of her gender shows how sexist attitudes can lead to tragic consequences.

This essay, and all of your other essays, should be in third person, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced using MLA 8th edition format. You must include a works cited and in-text citations for this paper. DO NOT summarize the plot of the play. Assume that the reader of your paper has read the drama and remembers it well. Don’t just tell the reader what happens; instead, analyze how concrete evidence supports the argument of the thesis.

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