Environmental Policy Report

please writers follow all instructions and be detailed. Everything is broken down step by step 

Environmental Policy Report

1. Each paper should be about 3-4 pages double spaced (not including figures/maps or references). Your report should include the following sections: Introduction, History of the issue, Specifics of the problem, Solutions, and Conclusion, though these may vary slightly depending on your topic.

2. Choose a specific topic that fits within the scope of the class. Find an environmental problem or novel solution and discuss some of the policy actions that have been taken to aid or hinder it. You may research a specific law, executive order, or even court cases. Discuss obstacles faced by environmentalists, legislators, and industries. You can also discuss other potential avenues to move forward with the issue. You will likely find more data on topics within the United States system, but you may also pick an international or collaborative issue.

3. Some potential examples are:


b. Pollution

c. Soil Quality

d. Climate Change

e. Air Quality

f. Renewable energy

g. Green Power

h. Rainwater harvesting

i. Energy Conservation

j. Recycling

k. Water purification/ desalinization

l. Waste management

m. Ecosystem management

n. Organic gardening

o. Economics/ Global Development

p. Forest management

q. Wildlife (Plants and Animals)

r. Endangered Species

s. Public Health

4. Each report should include a minimum of 1 peer-reviewed journal articles for the report, although additional research is encouraged.

5. Science, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Geophysical Research Letters, PLOS-One, etc.

6. Each report must contain a References/Works Cited section at the end of the report and have in-text citations. You may use any citation format (MLA, APA, etc.) as long as you are consistent throughout.

7. A 3-4 page (double spaced) report on your topic, due in hard copy in class on Wednesday, May 6h, 2019,

Once you have an idea, you must chat with me about it briefly before proceeding, either during office hours or through email.

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