Ethical Decision Making and Personal Values

Discussion 2: Ethical Decision Making and Personal Values

Read the statements below and consider to what extent you “agree” or “disagree”:

  • Killing innocent people (murder) is sometimes justifiable.
  • Killing innocent people (murder) is always wrong.
  • Ethically, all human lives are equally worth saving.
  • Ethically, some human lives are more worth saving than others.
  • Lying is always wrong.
  • Sometimes, lying is justifiable.

Now, think about whether you agreed or disagreed and how your personal values influenced your answer. These statements were rather straightforward; consider that often you will be faced with more complex and potentially ambiguous situations.

Post by Day 5 an evaluation of the impact of personal values on ethical decision making. Your evaluation should include the following:

  • A brief analysis of your response to the above questions
  • A description of which decision-making model fits with your professional identity
  • An assessment how your personal values and ethics impact your decision making within your professional identity


Lefkowitz, J. (2003). Ethics and Values in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.