evaluate the athletic program regarding Title IX compliance.

Assume that University A has 5,000 students, 52% female and 48% male.  There are 23 varsity athletic teams, 14 female and nine male, with a total of approximately 650 athletes, 60% of whom are male. 

You are asked to evaluate the athletic program regarding Title IX compliance.  One means of evaluation is via the three-prong test, which the textbook also refers to as “benchmarks.”  

Based on the information above, evaluate the program in light of each of the three prongs.  Rate each prong from the easiest to the most difficult to comply with.

Be sure to: 1) identify the legal source of the issue; 2) use and define the legal words/phases that apply; 3) include a minimum of two [2] internet references; 4) properly cite and reference all sources using APA format; 5) you are required to post substantial responses to at least two classmates’.

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