Evaluate the coffee spill lawsuit

McDonald’s – The Coffee Spill Heard ‘Round the World

The coffee spill lawsuit against McDonald’s launched a host of other lawsuits against the same company.  What are McDonald’s social responsibilities towards consumers and consumer’s responsibilities towards McDonalds?  In an essay, using APA style, address the following points: Length 2 full pages, excluding reference, abstract and title page:

• Evaluate the coffee spill lawsuit.• Determine what type of actions the company could make to meet ethical obligations.• What are the arguments supporting McDonald’s position in the Liebeck case?  What are the arguments supporting Liebeck’s position?• If you had been a juror in the Liebeck case which position would you most likely have supported?   Why?  What if you had been a juror in the pickle burn case (you must do additional research to find out information about the pickle burn case)?• Do we now live in a society where businesses are responsible for customers’ accidents or carelessness in using products?

Essay Criteria

1. Your essay should be written in APA Style 

2. Double-space the entire paper with the exception of the reference page. The reference page should only include double spacing between references.  For example:

Degelman D., & Harris, M. (2006). APA style essential. Retrieved March 1, 2006 from ​http://www.vanguard.edu/faculty/ddege.aspx?doc_id=796.

Hacker, D. (2007). Research and documentation online. Retrieved March 1, 2006 from ​http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc.

3. Leave two spaces after periods or other punctuations marks.4. Set margin of your paper to 1 inch on all sides.  Indent the first line of a paragraph one half-inch (five spaces or press Tab once) from the left margin (Do no indent the abstract).5. Include a running head (left align your last name and first initial and right align the page number.6. Order of pages: You must have a title page, abstract, body and reference pagea. Title Page (Centered the Page)i. Essay Titleii. Class Title and numberiii. Dateiiii. Your nameb. Abstracti. An abstract is similar to an introduction to a paper.  Write a 75 -100 word overview of your essay/research paper.  The Abstract should include the main idea and the major points of your paper.  Place the abstract on its own page immediately after the title page.  Center the word Abstract and then follow with the paragraph.  Do not indent the first line of the paragraph.c. Body (include subheadings)d. References (include at least three (3) references)