evolution and components of the personal computer

Evolution and components of the personal computer (PC):

EXPLAIN (800-1000 word expository essay with proper source attribution, APA style. Please include cover, abstract, and works cited sections) :

1. Provide a short history of the personal computer.

2. Describe how the PC innovation affected society, science and technology.

3. Explain the following:

○ Five major components of a PC.

○ How text, audio, image, and video data are stored in a computer’s memory.

○ How data compression works and how compression affects quality (fidelity).

○ What are software applications? How are they developed?

○ How antivirus and software firewalls protect information stored on a PC.

○ The role of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in PC to PC communication over the Internet.

DO Deliver

the below Dr. Suess poem in the following formats. Combine all files in a single

compressed archive attachment that can be uploaded to Blackboard. The performances must

be your own , and yes, style points will be awarded.





.mp4 (video)

Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McCave

Had twenty three sons, and she named them all Dave?

Well, she did. And that wasn’t a smart thing to do.

You see, when she wants one, and calls out “Yoo Hoo!

Come into the house, Dave!” she doesn’t get one.

All twenty three Daves of hers come on the run!

This makes things quite difficult at the McCaves’

As you can imagine, with so many Daves.

And often she wishes that, when they were born,

She had named one of them Bodkin Van Horn.

And one of them Hoos Foos. And one of them Snimm.

And one of them Hot Shot. And one Sunny Jim.

Another one Putt Putt. Another one Moon Face.

Another one Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face.

And one of them Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate…

But she didn’t do it. And now it’s too late.

~ Dr. Seuss

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